AKIN Language School of English, created a new genre in the field of English education and professional training programs since 2003. AKIN L.S.E. is one of the Turkey’s most prominent and prestigious YDS, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC Exam Preparation, General English school & Study Abroad Advisor Company. AKIN L.S.E. is also officially recognized by Turkish Ministry of Education, with its over 2.000 students per 6 months.

Professional Training Programs in the country – YDS, TOEFL iBT, IELTS, General English and Italian Courses: The main feature of AKIN L.S.E. is, its outstanding “Quality Education” programs. In these quality education principles, AKIN L.S.E. is not letting the students’ fate into a teacher’s hands or not letting its education system into an only material or a resource. All materials and the original sources which are used in our programs, created & prepared by our own educational team.

Practical Training: By training programs of AKIN L.S.E., students do not only learn the language & gramer, but also they become capable to use it practically. With the assignments, homeworks and additional classes, the candidates are helped to assimilate what they have learned. The given assignments & homeworks are strictly fallowed in order to make sure that there is not any missing point regarding to studied units.

With the additional courses outside of the course days and times, especially in the “reading” and “the word study”, free support are given to the students who have difficulties in these subjects. In addition, to the students who missed their classes; private lessons and group lessons are given them in order to make up easily, for free. In this way we are able to prevent any incontinence.

Study Abroad Advisor: Our primary aim is; helping the students who want to study abroad in many aspects. In order to make them reached to their language learning goal or graduation from an abroad university, we determine the objectives and requirements of these programs, which are most suitable for them. And while doing that, prevent the extra costs or loss of time in a very affective way, by our long years experiences.

AKIN L.S.E., helps and advises on the stages of overseas education provider selection, accommodation, visa procedures and so on. This consultancy services are all free of charges. In an addition, through the process of overseas education, we keep in contact with our students in social, cultural and emergency issues until they return back to Turkey safely.